Update: Jennifer Aniston NOT Joining ‘Days of Our Lives’ To Boost Ratings

Update: Sorry folks, but sadly Salem is going to need to find someone else to help boost the show’s ratings because E! talked with Aniston’s rep who claimed there was no truth to the rumors of her making a guest appearance. Bummer — I was looking forward to seeing Jen act alongside Daddy Kiriakis. Oh well…like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Earlier: Actors are always willing to give their fellow celebrities a helping hand, especially if they’re family. Reports are claiming that Jennifer Aniston is set to join the Days of Our Lives cast for a little while to help build up the ratings of the classic soap opera show. Why is the rom-com queen agreeing to return to the small screen? It may have something to do with the fact that her father, John Aniston, is part of the long-running show in which he plays Greek mobster Victor Kiriakis. Not only is Jen taking time out of her schedule to appear on the program, but she’s going to do it for very little money. Supposedly she’ll only be making less than $650 a day, which is a significant drop from her usual TV star income. In one plot already scripted, the former Friends star will be playing a wedding planner who helps plan her father’s wedding. Nothing like a little famous father-daughter bonding to increase the daytime ratings.

Days isn’t the first soap to turn to A-list stars for a little ratings boost. Many stars are set to return to daytime television on various soaps including Josh Duhamel and Sarah Michelle Gellar on All My Children. What can we say — the celebs love their daily soap shows too!

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Source: NY Post, E!