Vanessa Hudgens’ ‘Spring Breakers’-Inspired Song “$$$ex” is a Hot Mess

Vanessa Hudgens Releases Spring Breakers Inspired Song

Before Vanessa Hudgens was waltzing with shotguns and having threesomes with James Franco, she was a singing, dancing, Zac Efron-kissing Disney princess. So when word reached us that Hudgens would be releasing a new song, our inner tweens squee-ed with High School Musical-loving delight. But oh, how wrong we were.

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Hudgens released “$$$ex” on iTunes Friday, with a video comprised of Spring Breakers clips, and it’s just about as far from Gabriella Montez as you can get. It’s kind of like Ke$ha — dollar sign and all — but, somehow, worse. I’m not even sure we can classify this cacophony of screeching sound as music… there’s certainly no singing. 

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Furthermore, to call the song “inspired by the film Spring Breakers” is an insult to Harmony Korine‘s work. Hudgens may have starred in the film, but after hearing this song I’m not exactly sure she’s seen it. Does she realize the movie is a biting commentary on our culture of over-indulgence? “$$$ex” makes the spring break lifestyle as the f**king s**t, yo. Something has gotten lost in translation. 

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Watch the video below (or don’t, I promise you’ll hate it):

Girl, better stick to “Sneakernight.”

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