Veronica Hart

Born: 10/27/1956


Actor (30)

Porn Star: the Legend of Ron Jeremy 2001 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Six Feet Under 2001 (Tv Show)


Magnolia 1999 (Movie)

Dentist Nurse No 1 (Actor)

Boogie Nights 1997 (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Beauty School 1993 (Movie)

The Countess (Actor)

Bedroom Eyes II 1990 (Movie)

JoBeth (Actor)

Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh 1990 (Movie)

Grace (Actor)

Cleo/Leo 1989 (Movie)

Cleo Clock (Actor)

Enrapture 1989 (Movie)

Annie (Actor)

Sexbomb 1989 (Movie)

Lola (Actor)

Wildest Dreams 1989 (Movie)

Ruth Delaney (Actor)

Bad Blood 1988 (Movie)


Young Nurses in Love 1988 (Movie)

Francesca (Actor)

Deranged 1987 (Movie)

Joyce (Actor)

Sensations 1987 (Movie)

Tippy (Actor)

Sexpot 1987 (Movie)

Beth (Actor)

Student Affairs 1987 (Movie)

Veronica Harper (Actor)

If Looks Could Kill 1986 (Movie)

Mary Beth (Actor)

New York's Finest 1986 (Movie)


Sex Appeal 1986 (Movie)


Wimps 1986 (Movie)

Tracy (Actor)

The Sex O'Clock News 1985 (Movie)


Slammer Girls 1984 (Movie)


Delivery Boys 1983 (Movie)

Art Snob (Actor)

Dixie Ray Hollywood Star 1983 (Movie)


R.S.V.P. 1983 (Movie)

Mrs Edwards (Actor)

Deathmask 1982 (Movie)

Victoria Howe (Actor)

Strangers in Love 1982 (Movie)

Melinda (Actor)

Roommates 1981 (Movie)

Joan Hamilton (Actor)

Body Lust 1980 (Movie)

Betty (Actor)