Victor Brooks

Born: 11/11/1918


Actor (14)

Electric Eskimo 1978 (Movie)

Police Sergeant (Actor)

Give Us Tomorrow 1978 (Movie)

Superintendent (Actor)

The Wild and the Willing 1964 (Movie)

Fire Chief (Actor)

Vengeance 1964 (Movie)

Farmer (Actor)

The Day of the Triffids 1963 (Movie)

Poiret (Actor)

Billy Budd 1962 (Movie)


Lisa 1962 (Movie)

Sgt Greninger (Actor)

The Fast Lady 1962 (Movie)

Policeman (Actor)

No, My Darling Daughter 1961 (Movie)

PC (Actor)

The Brides of Dracula 1960 (Movie)

Hans (Actor)

The Man Upstairs 1958 (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

It Takes a Thief (Movie)

Foreman (Actor)

The Hostage (Movie)

Inspector Clifford (Actor)

Whirlpool (Movie)

Riverman (Actor)