Victor Chavez


Art Department (8)

Little Boy 2015 (Movie)


A Million Ways to Die in the West 2014 (Movie)

Propmaker Foreman (Propman)

Fright Night 2011 (Movie)

Propmaker Foremen (Propman)

Gamer 2009 (Movie)

Propmaker Foreman (Props)

Swing Vote 2008 (Movie)

Propmaker Gangboss (Propman)

In the Valley of Elah 2007 (Movie)

Propmaker Gangboss (Props)

No Country for Old Men 2007 (Movie)

Propmaker Foreperson (Propman)

The Flock 2007 (Movie)

Prop Maker (Props)
Other (3)

Little Boy 2015 (Movie)

(Group A) (Carpenter)

The Last Stand 2013 (Movie)

Construction Foreperson (Construction Foreman)

Paul 2011 (Movie)

Set Foreman (Construction Foreman)