Video: Katy Perry Becomes a Marine

katy perryMost of Katy Perry‘s music videos have consisted of pretty rainbows, cotton candy, and explosive cupcake bras. But the pop singer has decided to venture outside her sparkly terrain and delve into a rougher, tougher version of herself in the video for her new hit single “Part of Me.”

In the clip, Perry breaks up with her boyfriend, whom she suspects is cheating on her, and decides to relieve her pent-up anger and aggression by enlisting in the Marine Corps. So after rigorous training (and a gruesome, self-imposed haircut), the 27-year-old singer transforms into a no-nonsense soldier who is not to be trifled with.

Perry has always insisted that the song isn’t in reference to her Dec. 2011 split with Russell Brand, however, it’s hard to ignore the similarities in not only the lyrics, but the overall moving on message as well. Granted, Perry hasn’t joined the armed forces of any kind (that we know of), but if that day comes, the truth of the matter will finally be revealed.

Check out the music video below and see a part of Katy Perry that you’ve never seen before: