Video of Lindsay Lohan Has Her Purchasing Something in a Small Plastic Bag

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan has yet to realize that her past behavior means we scrutinize each and every single one of her moves, looking to catch her doing the stuff she’s not supposed to be doing. That’s why we follow her around so much — we want to BE THERE when she relapses and puts eight shots in the webs of her fingers and throws them onto her face. Of course she doesn’t want to make it easy for us to get the footage of her boozing and drugging that we so desperately desire and so she usually chooses to indulge in those activities for when darkness has fallen, or inside some club that we don’t have access to.

And so we thought we were very lucky when a video surfaced online that showed Lindsay and a friend sitting in front of a bar and talking to someone who had his dog’s leash in one hand and a small bag in the other. The video clearly showed Lindsay’s friend inspecting the baggie, and then caught Lindsay as she took another bag from the unknown man and then paid for its contents in cash. Lindsay’s representative, Steve Honig, claims today that the bag held nothing more than “crystals from a local shop in Venice,” and while it’s safe to say that even though Lindsay probably isn’t dumb enough to purchase drugs in the broad daylight or on a busy sidewalk that’s full of pedestrians, she most certainly is dumb for thinking we wouldn’t question her giving cash to a guy walking his dog for a plastic bag that wasn’t filled with dog poop.

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Source: NYP