Video: Zooey Deschanel Talks Getting Tortured By Her Big Sister

zooey deschanelWhether you’re famous or just an average Joe, if you have brothers and sisters, you’re going to experience a fair share of sibling rivalry. Zooey Deschanel is no different. During her guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (which aired at midnight on March 27), the actress spoke of a long-running trick that her big sister, Emily Deschanel, used to play on her when they were kids.

“She basically just used the plot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers to terrify me,” Deschanel explained.

She described how her Bones star sister made her believe she’d been replaced by an alien from Neptune. “The Neptunians had killed my real sister and replaced her with a facsimile who looked just like her, talked just like her, but when my parents weren’t in the room, made crazy faces at me,” said Deschanel.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The New Girl star’s sister would also talk to her in a monotone voice like V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder. Deschanel didn’t indicate how long this realm of torture continued on into her childhood, but it was clear the whole ordeal had a terrifying impact on her. “She would make me cry and then she would laugh,” Deschanel recalled. But hey, that’s what siblings are for, right?

Check out the interview clip below, and hear all about the star’s recollection of her childhood angst.