Viki Anderson


Art Department (7)

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 2002 (Movie)

Story Artist (Storyboard Artist)

The Tigger Movie 2000 (Movie)

storyboard (Storyboard Artist)

The Iron Giant 1999 (Movie)

(Storyboard Artist)

A Goofy Movie 1995 (Movie)

storyboard (Storyboard Artist)

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists 1995 (Movie)

storyboard (Storyboard Artist)

Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving 1994 (Movie)

storyboard (Storyboard Artist)

DuckTales: The Movie 1990 (Movie)

storyboard designer (Storyboard Artist)
Writer (1)

Quest for Camelot 1998 (Movie)

head of story (Story By)
Visual Effects & Animation (1)

The Black Cauldron 1985 (Movie)