Vince Vaughn Welcomes A Daughter

vince vaughnVince Vaughn, and wife since January, Kyla Weber, welcomed a baby girl into their family on Saturday morning in Chicago. The healthy baby girl weighed 7 pounds, and Vince and Kyla named her Locklyn Kyla Vaughn. Vince’s rep confirmed the birth and said “both of them couldn’t be happier to welcome their sweet little girl into the family.” Congratulations to Vince and Kyla.

Locklyn, here’s the thing: you actually kind of lucked out because instead of your friends comparing your name to the infamous Loch Ness Monster, they’re just going to keep making fun of your old man’s idiocy in lapping up Brad Pitt‘s sloppy seconds. HA! And, they’ll remember the time your dad quit smoking! WHAT A LOSER! And OH! How about the time he was considered for the role of Chandler on FRIENDS but the part went to Matthew Perry instead? And how can we forget when your dad likened the stupidity of electric cars to homosexuals during a preview for his upcoming new movie, which (even though it was scripted and not a unique comment made by your old man), was not well-received at all! All this means that the part of the brain that your classmates would use to make fun of your name is already occupied with the malfeasances of your dad! In other words, good luck with leading a contributory existence!

Source: People