Vincent Lindon

Born: 07/15/1959 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, FR


Actor (56)

Diary of a Chambermaid 2016 (Movie)

Joseph (Actor)

The Measure of a Man 2016 (Movie)

Thierry Taugourdeau (Actor)

Haute-Tension 2014 (Movie)

Pierre Galois (Actor)

Mea Culpa 2014 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

The White Knights 2014 (Movie)

Jacques Arnault (Actor)

Augustine 2013 (Movie)

Dr. Charcot (Actor)

Bastards 2013 (Movie)

Marco Silvestri (Actor)

A Few Hours of Spring 2012 (Movie)

Alain (Actor)

La Permission de Minuit 2011 (Movie)


Pater 2011 (Movie)


Toutes nos envies 2011 (Movie)


Mademoiselle Chambon 2010 (Movie)

Jean (Actor)

Welcome 2010 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

Anything for Her 2008 (Movie)

Julien (Actor)

Mes Amis, Mes Amours 2008 (Movie)

Mathias (Actor)

Je Crois Que Je L'Aime 2007 (Movie)

Lucas (Actor)

Those Who Remain 2007 (Movie)

Bertrand (Actor)

La Moustache 2006 (Movie)

Marc (Actor)

Selon Charlie 2006 (Movie)

Serge Torres (Actor)

L' Avion 2005 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

La Confiance Regne 2004 (Movie)


Chaos 2003 (Movie)

Paul (Actor)

Friday Night 2003 (Movie)

Jean (Actor)

Sole Sisters 2003 (Movie)

Bruno (Actor)

Le Frere du guerrier 2002 (Movie)


Mercredi, folle journee! 2001 (Movie)

Martin Socoa (Actor)

Belle Maman 1999 (Movie)

Antoine (Actor)

Ma petite entreprise 1999 (Movie)

Ivan (Actor)

Pas de Scandale 1999 (Movie)

Louis (Actor)

The School of Flesh 1999 (Movie)

Chris (Actor)

Paparazzi 1998 (Movie)

Michel (Actor)

Seventh Heaven 1998 (Movie)

Nico (Actor)

Fred 1997 (Movie)

Fred (Actor)

La Belle Verte 1996 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Strangled Lives 1996 (Movie)

Francesco (Actor)

Victims 1995 (Movie)

Perre Duval (Actor)

L' Irresolu 1994 (Movie)

Francois (Actor)

Tout ca... pour ca! 1993 (Movie)


La Belle Histoire 1992 (Movie)

Simon Choulel (Actor)

La Crise 1992 (Movie)

Victor (Actor)

Netchaiev est de Retour 1991 (Movie)

Netchaiev (Actor)

C'est la vie 1990 (Movie)

Jean-Claude (Actor)

Gaspard et Robinson 1990 (Movie)

Robinson (Actor)

There Were Days and Moons 1990 (Movie)

"Heads or Tails" Man (Actor)

Quelques jours avec moi 1989 (Movie)

Fernand (Actor)

L' Etudiante 1988 (Movie)

Edouard (Actor)

A Man in Love 1987 (Movie)

Bruno Schlosser (Actor)

Betty Blue 1986 (Movie)

Richard--the Policeman (Actor)

Half Moon Street 1986 (Movie)

Sonny (Actor)

Last Summer in Tangiers 1986 (Movie)

Roland Barres (Actor)

Prunelle Blues 1986 (Movie)

Fernand (Actor)

Suivez mon regard 1986 (Movie)


Yiddish Connection 1986 (Movie)

Zvi (Actor)

Parole de Flic 1984 (Movie)

Dax (Actor)

L' Addition 1983 (Movie)

Magnum--2nd Prison (Actor)

Le Faucon 1982 (Movie)

Director (1)
Producer (1)

The Measure of a Man 2016 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)


Princess Caroline of Monaco Presenter


Sandrine Kiberlain Actor


Sandrine Kimberlin

married in February 1998

Jerome Lindon

founded Editions de Minuit



Appeared in "Bastards"


Fourth Cesar Award nomination for "Welcome"


Breakout role in "La crise"


First film role in "The Hawk"

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Despite growing up in a well-to-do family in the suburbs of Paris, Lindon has played mostly middle-class or working class roles throughout his career.