Vinny Guadagnino Might Really Be Done with ‘Jersey Shore’

vinny guadagninoIn all the times the cast members of Jersey Shore have left the house, it’s usually been because they’ve gone to get something FOR the house…like girls, guys, stripper poles, Ron-Ron juice ingredients, pickles, or marshmallows so Snooki and Deena can have the option of sticking things onto the house’s mirrors and many railings when they’re not trying to find the guys who have names that end in vowels. Even when the roommates have had knock-down drag out fights that result in hair extensions drooping over the refrigerator’s magnets, the cast has always remained roommates (there was that time when Sammi briefly left after Ronnie broke her glasses, but she came back rather promptly). And so that’s why something really terrible must have happened to make Vinny — arguably one of the least confrontational people in the house — pack up his things on Saturday and get in a cab and go back to Staten Island.

On Saturday, TMZ reported that Vinny stormed out of the Seaside Heights house after fighting with a cast member. Apparently, he just flagged a cab and left. But before this exchange took place, Vinny supposedly threatened to leave the house some time last week because he was feeling “homesick.” But his roommates banned together and somehow convinced him to stay for just a little longer.

MTV is being typical and not commenting on anything, except to tell us that we’ll understand what happened when season 5 premieres. But again, considering how the other times that cast members left the house and went home weren’t made into a big deal (you’ll recall Jenni went to get her dogs after her ex-boyfriend abandoned them in her house, and again there was the time Sammi went home to see her mom and her droopy eyed dogs after she had a fight with Ronnie), something just seems like Vinny might be gone for good. Perhaps Yale Law finally figured out persistence?

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