Virginia Brissac

Born: 06/11/1883


Actor (67)

Rebel Without a Cause 1955 (Movie)

Jim's Grandma (Actor)

About Mrs. Leslie 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Poole (Actor)

Executive Suite 1954 (Movie)

Edith Alderson (Actor)

Ma and Pa Kettle at Home 1954 (Movie)

Mrs Maddocks (Actor)

Fair Wind to Java 1953 (Movie)

Bintang (Actor)

Operation Pacific 1951 (Movie)

Sister Anna (Actor)

Edge of Doom 1950 (Movie)

Mrs Dennis (Actor)

Harriet Craig 1950 (Movie)

Harriet's Mother (Actor)

The Snake Pit 1948 (Movie)


Monsieur Verdoux 1947 (Movie)

Carlotta (Actor)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945 (Movie)

Miss Tilford (Actor)

G.I. Honeymoon 1945 (Movie)


The Big Shot 1941 (Movie)


The Little Foxes 1940 (Movie)

Lucy Hewitt (Actor)

Black Friday 1939 (Movie)

Mrs. Margaret Kingsley (Actor)

The Ghost Breakers 1939 (Movie)

Mother Zombie (Actor)

Dark Victory 1938 (Movie)

Martha (Actor)

Artists and Models 1936 (Movie)

Seamstress (Actor)

Idol of the Crowds 1936 (Movie)

Mrs. Dale (Actor)

Two Against the World 1935 (Movie)


Alias the Deacon (Movie)

Elsie Clark (Actor)

Appointment for Love (Movie)

Nora (Actor)

Bad Men of Missouri (Movie)

Mrs. Hathaway (Actor)

Bugles in the Afternoon (Movie)

Mrs. Carson (Actor)

Captain Eddie (Movie)

Flo Clark (Actor)

Captain from Castile (Movie)

Dona Maria De Vargas (Actor)

Chad Hanna (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)

Down the Stretch (Movie)

Aunt Julia (Actor)

Flame of Araby (Movie)

Alhena (Actor)

Hired Wife (Movie)

Miss Collins (Actor)

Hotel for Women (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

I Stole a Million (Movie)


It's a Date (Movie)

Holden (Actor)

Lady Gangster (Movie)

Mrs. Stoner (Actor)

Little Old New York (Movie)

Mrs. Brevoort (Actor)

Love Letters of a Star (Movie)

Mrs. Blodgett (Actor)

Marriage Is a Private Affair (Movie)

Mrs. Courtland West (Actor)

Mother Is a Freshman (Movie)

Miss Grimes (Actor)

Mountain Justice (Movie)

Miss Hughes (Actor)

Mug Town (Movie)

Alice Bell (Actor)

No Man of Her Own (Movie)

Justice of the Peace's Wife (Actor)

Old Los Angeles (Movie)

Senora Del Rey (Actor)

One Foot in Heaven (Movie)

Mrs. Jellison (Actor)

Remember the Day (Movie)

Mrs. Hill (Actor)

Secret Beyond the Door (Movie)

Sarah (Actor)

Sister Kenny (Movie)

Mrs. Johnson (Actor)

State Fair (Movie)

Farmers' Wife (Actor)

Strike up the Band (Movie)

Mrs. May Holden (Actor)

Summer Holiday (Movie)

Miss Hawley (Actor)

Take a Letter, Darling (Movie)

Mrs. Dowling, the Landlady (Actor)

Tension (Movie)

Mrs. Andrews (Actor)

The Big Noise (Movie)

Mrs. Trent (Actor)

The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case (Movie)

Patricia Vornwall (Actor)

The Daltons Ride Again (Movie)

Mrs. Walters (Actor)

The Dolly Sisters (Movie)

Nun (Actor)

The Great Lie (Movie)

Sadie (Actor)

The House Across the Bay (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)

The Lady with Red Hair (Movie)

Mrs. Humbert (Actor)

The Mating of Millie (Movie)

Mrs. Thomas (Actor)

The Scarlet Clue (Movie)

Mrs. Marsh (Actor)

Three Daring Daughters (Movie)

Miss Drake (Actor)

Thrill of a Romance (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Together Again (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Tough As They Come (Movie)

Mrs. Clark (Actor)

Why Girls Leave Home (Movie)

Mrs. Leslie (Actor)

Young Dr. Kildare (Movie)

Landlady (Actor)