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Most of us spend Christmas Eve frantically throwing a bunch of drug store wrapping paper at all our boxes in a giant frenzy to get things done before “Santa Claus” comes down the chimney. But to some, selecting paper and ribbons and doing everything up just so is an art form. That is certainly true for the eight women who competed in this year’s Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, brought to you buy Scotch (the brand of tape, not the type of liquor).

The eight finalists, selected from hundreds of tapes sent into the company, gathered in Bryant Park in New York on Friday, November 30, to put their skills to the test and try to out-wrap each other and win a giant $10,000 check. In round one, a giant rubber duck and a board game had to be wrapped; in round two, the four remaining contestants had to tackle covering a tuba, and in the finale the two best wrappers had to find a way to decorate a model airplane with an eight-foot wingspan. And you thought putting a bow on a bottle of wine was difficult!

Being a fan of all things having to do with presents, I went to check it out and get some things down on tape. You know, like video tape. Get it?! Never mind. Here are all the wonderful things I saw that day.

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