Vladimir Sokoloff

Born: 12/26/1889 in Russia


Actor (41)

Escape From Zahrain 1962 (Movie)


Taras Bulba 1962 (Movie)

Old Stepan (Actor)

Cimarron 1960 (Movie)

Jacob Krubeckoff (Actor)

Man on a String 1960 (Movie)

Papa (Actor)

Mr. Sardonicus 1960 (Movie)

Henryk Toleslawski (Actor)

The Magnificent Seven 1960 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

Beyond the Time Barrier 1959 (Movie)

The Supreme (Actor)

Twilight For the Gods 1958 (Movie)

Feodor Morris (Actor)

I Was a Teenage Werewolf 1957 (Movie)

Pepi (Actor)

Istanbul 1957 (Movie)

Aziz Rakim (Actor)

Monster From Green Hell 1957 (Movie)

Dr Lorentz (Actor)

While The City Sleeps 1956 (Movie)

George Pilski (Actor)

Macao 1952 (Movie)

Kwan Sum Tang (Actor)

The Baron of Arizona 1949 (Movie)

Pepito (Actor)

Back to Bataan 1945 (Movie)

Señor Buenaventura J. Bello (Actor)

Scarlet Street 1945 (Movie)

Pop Lejon (Actor)

Passage to Marseille 1944 (Movie)

Grandpere (Actor)

Mission to Moscow 1942 (Movie)


Road to Morocco 1941 (Movie)

Hyder Khan (Actor)

Comrade X 1939 (Movie)

Michael Bastakoff (Actor)

Juarez 1939 (Movie)

Camilo (Actor)

Blockade 1937 (Movie)

Basil, Norma's Father (Actor)

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1937 (Movie)


Alcatraz Island 1936 (Movie)


Conquest 1936 (Movie)


Expensive Husbands 1936 (Movie)

Herr Andrew Brenner (Actor)

The Life of Emile Zola 1936 (Movie)


Arsene Lupin Returns (Movie)

Ivan Pavloff (Actor)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Movie)

Anselmo (Actor)

Love Crazy (Movie)

Dr. Kugle (Actor)

Mr. Lucky (Movie)

Greek Priest (Actor)

Paris Underground (Movie)

Undertaker (Actor)

Song of Russia (Movie)


Spawn of the North (Movie)

Dimitri (Actor)

The Conspirators (Movie)

Miguel (Actor)

The Real Glory (Movie)

Datu (Actor)

The Twilight Zone (TV Show)


Till We Meet Again (Movie)

Cabeau (Actor)

To the Ends of the Earth (Movie)

Nicholas Sokim (Actor)

Two Smart People (Movie)

Jacques Dufour (Actor)

West of Shanghai (Movie)

Gen. Chou Fu Shan (Actor)


University of Moscow