Kate Moss On Sale At Christie’s — A Waif at Auction


When Christie’s London decided to stage its auction of photographs from the collection of Gert Elfering, “A Celebration of Kate Moss,” Moss herself was reportedly nonplussed. Auction goers, a little less so. Christie’s last set of offerings from Elfering brought $4,273,200. Of course it included a 1968 Richard Avedon of a previous Super Lauren Hutton that fetched $127,000.

There was an Irving Penn in the Moss sale with an estimate topping out at $109,970, which she probably makes for a day’s work. So who knows? She is a part of fashion history, although it’s a chapter some are still disturbed by. 

And maybe she actually is a work of art. Still what does it mean when a preeminent auction house thinks the subject of a photograph holds marquee value over the photograph itself? Heroin Chic has finally arrived?

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