Walsh’s divorce nears end after reaching financial settlement

The Private Practice star has been locked in a war of words with Young since separating from him in 2008 and ending their 14-month marriage.

The split turned nasty when Walsh attempted to block her ex from claiming alimony, prompting Young to demand to know the true value of the actress’ TV contract with America’s ABC network in a bid to land a big money settlement.

The former couple faced each other in court on Thursday (04Feb10), when a judge dismissed Young’s claim to spousal support.

However, Young is entitled to half of Walsh’s earnings from the episodes of hit medical dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice filmed during their union.

After hours of negotiations, Walsh also agreed to give Young $627,000 (£391,875) for his share of the community property, while the actress will keep their marital home.

Artwork and furniture was split between the pair, reports TMZ.com.