Warrant Served in Mel Gibson Case

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is targeting the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunk driving, alleging he leaked details of the arrest report to the media.

The department obtained a search warrant and raided the home of Deputy James Mee on Sept. 13.

According to news Web site TMZ.com, his home was cleared of his computer, phone records and other documents.

Sheriff’s Department sources say the warrant was issued because officials believed Mee leaked four pages of the original arrest report to TMZ.

The Department claims it’s a crime for a law enforcement officer to leak confidential documents. The warrant is still sealed and the results of the search have not been made public.

The Sheriff’s Department claims it is still investigating charges that Department officials gave Gibson special treatment and lied to the media when he was arrested on July 28.

On the day of the arrest, Sheriff’s official told the media that the arrest occurred “without incident”–failing to mention Gibson‘s anti-Semitic and sexist remarks at the time of his arrest.

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