Watch A Preview Of Beyoncé’s Music Video For “Party”

The latest music video coming our way from Beyoncé‘s corner is for “Party” (also off her new album, 4), and Idolater just published a teaser for it. The 32-second clip shows what looks to be a garden party of the best variety (meaning it includes Cheetos and vests made of green poodle fur, and all the colors are florescent and all the toys are inflatable). Once again, Beyoncé lacks any sort of baby bump… but that’s okay because I’m pretty sure that’s Solange Knowles pulling a Natali Germonatta and groovin’ it in the background of her sister’s video. It almost looks like a commercial that’s promoting how a designer is about to exclusively design  an affordable line for a store like Target. And just like those luscious partnerships, this video doesn’t disappoint.

Source: Idolator