Watch A Teaser For Katy Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away’ Music Video

Just because Katy Perry recently made music history doesn’t mean she’s taking any time off from her skyrocketing music career. This morning she tweeted a message to her fans, stating, “The early bird gets the teaser,” along with a preview for her upcoming music video, “The One That Got Away.” In the clip, Katy is shown rummaging through old photographs of a past love, wishing that they could go back and spend just one more day together. This is followed by a series of flashbacks that explain the couple’s journey from overwhelming happiness to eventual separation, while a regretful voice-over lamented, “In another life, I would do things differently.”

The song itself has a slower melody than the fast-paced rhythm one usually associates with a Katy Perry song, but that doesn’t make it any less intriguing. In fact, I think it really help sets the tone for the message it’s trying to get across, which is the idea that sometimes love just doesn’t work out. This is certainly a far cry from the gummy bears and rainbows that have previous graced her videos, but it allows her the chance to connect with her fans since this deals with really relatable issues. Love is hard and occasionally painful — sometimes it even makes us wish we could have a do-over, but that doesn’t mean we’re sorry it ever happened. What Katy’s selling, I’m definitely buying. Take a look at the teaser video and see for yourself:

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Source: Celebuzz