Watch A Teenaged James Corden Have The Most Awkward Interview With Meat Loaf

james corden teenager

Before our wonderful, hilarious James Corden was carpooling around Los Angeles with our favorite celebs, he was a little, wonderful, hilarious teenaged James Corden. In honor of the star’s 38th birthday BBC shared some amazing footage of when Corden was just a wee, little lad looking to break into the entertainment industry.

In the clip from 1995, a baby-faced Corden interviews rock star Meat Loaf on air for “Good Morning with Anne and Nick.” The clip shows all of the charm, witt and sense of humor we love about Corden. Even as a teenager, the guy has star power. 

Of course, he’s a bit — well, actually a lot — nervous. Meat Loaf isn’t the easiest to interview. He’s banging on the table. He’s pretty dramatic. We’d be nervous if we were a teenager interviewing such a big star with such a do-whatever-he-wants temperament. Meat Loaf even admits to being grumpy and not totally loving interviews. Queue nervous sweating.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention Corden’s eye for ’90s style. The dude is dressed in impeccably stylish ’90s garb. Look at that vest and button up combo in the first clip. Mumford & Sons have nothing on him. Checkout the grungy flannel in the second part. Corden, you’re a teen style icon!

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