Watch Beyoncé’s Full ‘Countdown’ Music Video

Earlier this week, Beyoncé released a teaser of her upcoming music video Countdown, which highlighted her growing baby bump, but now the full video is available and it does not disappoint. This dancing diva may be pregnant, but that doesn’t stop her from busting serious moves alongside her backup dancers and belting out some amazing vocals. The video has a rather fashionable retro style, which attempts to pay homage to the lovely Audrey Hepburn (Audrey and Beyoncé: an unstoppable combination). Overall, I think the video has all the basic things we love about any Beyoncé video: awesome dancing, fierce fashion, and complete girl power. And of course it wouldn’t be a true B song without that upbeat rhythm  — perfect for a night of clubbing with the girls. The quick cuts from moment to moment match the whole tick tock beat of the music, which make it both unique and rather easy to love. Looks like Beyoncé’s got another hit on her hands. But then again, did we expect anything less from her? Check out the full music video below:

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Source: E!