Watch Emma Watson’s New Perfume Commercial

It’s a good thing Emma Watson made plenty of money during her reign as the adorable yet insanely smart Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film franchise, because it looks like her latest endeavor isn’t going to be a real money-maker. Yes, like many actresses before her, Ms. Watson has decided to be the face of a perfume — the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose perfume to be exact. While the actress is the epitome of beauty and style, the ad itself reeks of a cheesy plot and is unnecessarily long. Basically Emma’s character “accidentally” leaves her hat in a book store after making eyes at the guy who works there. Then the guy desperately wants to return the hat to her and forlornly carries it around Paris looking for her and conveniently finds her at midnight, where the two share a flirty gaze and musical hat exchange.

Now before you go hating on my distaste for the ad, understand that I love Emma and while I think she looks amazing, this ad is definitely bad. I’m surprised she even agreed to do it since she deserves a much higher caliber of advertising. She can do better. The corny music, the soap-opera feel — so much of the plot centers around the hat that I even forgot it’s supposed to be an ad about perfume. Does the hat smell really good and that’s why the guy needs to find its owner? Was it love at first sniff? I’m not sure what the perfume’s role is in the mess of a video, but if the smell is anything like the actual advertisement then my review is already complete: it stinks. Check out the commercial yourself:

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Source: Buzz Feed