Watch: Five Minutes of Lady Gaga’s “Judas”

Five minutes of Lady Gaga’s first music video for “Judas” (she made two) has leaked online and before it gets taken down, take a look at it to see what a toga party looks like at BYU and see how awkward it is to realize you’re in love with a different apostle than the one you’re sharing a motorcycle with. The video covers everything we expected it to, and features crowns of thorns, satin capes, and clusters of people in the “rag” section of their “rags to riches” stories. There’s also a few christenings, some serious idolatry, and curiously, Norman Reedus, who gets a gun pointed to his face that is loaded with lipstick. The dancing is definitely not the best we’ve seen of Gaga, which I guess we should have expected seeing as she’s preoccupied with Jesus’s genatalia now.

Source: COS