Watch Jesse Eisenberg and John Lithgow Audition for ‘Jersey Shore’

Even though they’ve found outrageous success in Hollywood, Jesse Eisenberg and John Lithgow are not above sending audition tapes in to producers in order to be considered for the roles they want. Granted, they’re at points in their careers where it’s very unlikely a casting director will be too busy to meet with them in person…but when that situation arises, Eisenberg and Lithgow deserve praise for not insisting their status as prominent entertainers make them exempt from the audition process.

Take, for example, the tapes they sent in to Conan O’Brien when he started the rumor that MTV had decided to re-cast Jersey Shore. Eisenberg and Lithgow are extraordinary! DJ Qualls and Jack McBrayer aren’t too bad themselves… but I think it’s pretty clear who walked away with the gig.

Source: THR