Watch Katy Perry’s ‘One That Got Away’ Music Video

Katy Perry has released the music video to her latest single One That Got Away — which was just teased a week ago — and it’s actually kind of amazing.

The story begins with an aged Perry looking back back on a romance-filled relationship she once had with a man who’s no longer in her life — in other words, the one that got away. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another, and Perry demonstrates the proper emotions to a T. The lyrics are real and meaningful, the beat just as addictive as all the rest of the singer’s songs. Upon it’s release, Perry tweeted about all the positive feedback she’s received about the video, saying, “THANK YOU for all the sweet messages about the video! I am so proud of it!” It’s a bittersweet story that reminds us that with love comes loss and regrets we wish could be changed. I’m actually really impressed to see this side of Perry and am confident it will be yet another single to gain worldwide popularity.

Plus now we know what Katy Perry’s going to look like as an old woman — Russell Brand, this is your future!

Check out the video below and see for yourself:

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Source: NY Mag