Watch Lars von Trier Embarrass Kirsten Dunst

We all know what Lars von Trier said to get himself banned from Cannes. But what we didn’t know was what Kirsten Dunst‘s reaction to his comments looked like…until now!

I don’t think any of us expected to see her collapse on the ground and weep over the fact that instead of the movie getting all the attention of the festival, it was now going to go to its insane director and how he made Hitler seem like nothing more than a child in distress because he ran out of quarters and cannot play the video games at his local movie theater. But we hoped we’d get at least a little something from Kirsten, like a furrowed brow. But instead, we got something better — we got NERVOUS TWITCHES! We got hands around the neck, hair tosses, and blank stares at the tablecloth. And when she leaned in to try and tell the man she had aligned with herself to shut up and talk about anything other than Hitler, we even got a nervous laugh and smile combo!

The best part is when she leans in and whispers something to him, and then he calms her down by saying “but I’m just getting to my point!” like Hitler’s greatness is the reason for anything.