Watch People Applaud Anderson Cooper for Drinking Coffee

I have tried very hard to make my love for Anderson Cooper known. Like, really hard. Almost suspiciously hard. For a while there, I wasn’t really sure if anyone else loved Anderson Cooper as much as I did, because his new show Anderson hasn’t been doing very well in the ratings and I’ve only seen maybe 4 other people wearing “Anderson, I love your Cooper!” shirts.

And so because I wasn’t sure if anyone else appreciated the, just, splendor that is this man who reports the news and lives in a firehouse, I am overjoyed to see that there is, in fact, AT LEAST a full television’s studio worth of people on this planet who are exactly like me, in that we’re willing to watch Anderson Cooper in whatever way we can. We will take him in a wrapper, without a wrapper, lopsided on a stick, in a fishbowl, in a Venti cup, with an uneven tan that is uneven because someone that wasn’t us used sunscreen to spell out their name on him, with a suspicious mole…however he comes, we will be there to receive him! And on Tuesday, we proved our commitment to Andy when we showed up to support him in his endeavor of trying coffee and spinach for the first time. You can watch the adventure below, and no I’m not going to tell you if I was there because I was. In spirit. Physically.

Source: YouTube