Watch Rebecca Black’s Newest Video, ‘My Moment’

Rebecca Black planned to release the music video for her newest song, My Moment, tonight around 8 PM EST on her YouTube channel, but it appears the song has leaked online about three hours ahead of schedule (you can watch it below). In it we see exactly what we were told we’d see, which was Rebecca telling all the haters to leave her alone because the Friday video actually made her a success, and that she doesn’t have any time to pay attention to them anymore because she’s too busy living the luxurious life of having people put makeup on her face and blowing bubbles on a vacant street corner. It looks like she’s pretty pleased with herself, this Rebecca Black, which I guess is fine. And after all, who wouldn’t enjoy putting on a red dress and arriving to a theater and being attacked by paparazzi, all of whom you’ve actually become pretty friendly with because they’re all relatives of the video’s director and best boy?