Watch The Kids From ‘Stranger Things’ Review Retro Toys

The kids from Stranger Things were born after the ’90s ended, so they’re not so used to the retro toys the rest of us grew up with. Do kids even still play with Furbys? Let’s hope not. Those things were tragically annoying.

Buzzfeed sat down with the Stranger Things crew and showed them some of the most popular toys from the ’80s and ’90s to see what they thought.

When it came to a Furby, both Millie Bobby Brown and Caleb McLaughin thought it was from the movie Gremlins. We definitely noticed the uncanny resemblance when we first got our hands on the furry nightmare in the ’90s. Gaten Matarazzo knew what it was right away. His parents must have taught him well (or had a very unique form of punishment).

As for slap bracelets, McLaughin and Matarazzo totally knew what they were. Millie wasn’t so sure, but she decided to use it as a ’90s-chic choker. Those are pretty in style right now and she’s got to keep up her celebrity appearance!

The group universally loved Gak. Millie noted that it was just like the slime from the Upside Down. We concur.

When it came to Pop Rocks, the boys thought they were really fun. Millie was pretty afraid of it at first, and ended up hating the weird feeling in her mouth.

As far as ’80s and ’90s toys, Matarazzo knew what everything was. Maybe the dude has some older brothers?

Check out the full video above!

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