Watts’ Underwear Embarrassment

Actress Naomi Watts suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction backstage before her appearance on late-night TV show The Tonight Show yesterday, when she couldn’t find the right underwear.

The Aussie star had planned to wear a revealing gown on the show, but had to alter her outfit plans at the last minute when she misplaced her flesh-colored pants.

Wearing a silver gown instead, she stepped out on the show and told host Jay Leno, “I was gonna wear this dress that you had to have a certain color underwear and so I said, ‘Do you have any spare underwear, y’know–like a flesh-colored G-string?’

“Sometimes those sorts of things are hanging around in the wardrobe department. They had something… this was it.”

She then held up a large pair of off-white granny pants. 

Leno joked, “That’s what happens when you have gay guys in the wardrobe department.”

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