Weekly Highlights From Our Fave Sites: Donald Glover, ‘Scandal’ & More

This week was abuzz with a possible celebrity breakdown, a pretentious star showing us his loveable side and Eminem just…being Eminem. (Or trying to be.) In case you missed them, here are some top stories from your fave sites:


Eminem Is Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Marshall Mathers is now 40 and is still striving to appeal to us. We get it — you can rap super fast and you’ve had a great career but it’s hard to get a younger fan base to listen to your new stuff when your references are over 10 years old. Flavorwire explores his newest single and his seeming desperation to still be relevant.

Washington’s (and TV’s) Best Gay Couple

Scandal’s Cyrus and James aren’t alone in their sexuality on network television. However, the two dudes are striving to stay together in the one place it’s the hardest: the Capitol city. Hollywood.com tells us why their arrangement is so different than most other gay couples on TV.

Donald Glover Might Be a Drama Queen

The Community star doesn’t hold back when it comes to airing his worries and woes to the world. Taking to Instagram to let everyone know that he has the same thoughts as you and me, Glover posted more than a few photos of hand-written notes that also held advice for those who just don’t want to grow up. As Celebuzz reports, we’re a little confused as to why he’s not on cloud nine with an album dropping in Dec. and a new season of the sitcom he stars in.

A Reason to Like James Franco

Despite the harsh words that many throw around when talking James Franco, he showed us that he has a heart, and a cute one at that. Hollywood.com reports on how the star helped a 15-year-old overcome tremendous heartbreak this week. Hey James, where can we get in line to have you comfort us after a break-up as well?