Wesley Snipes’ Appeal Denied, He’ll Stay in Prison

Wesley SnipesThis is a terrible week to be Wesley Snipes. The actor is in Federal Prison for tax evasion and his appeal on the grounds that his constitutional rights were violated in his Florida tax trial was denied. Apparently, he lived in other states during the years for which he’s being tried and his lawyers claim that renders the Florida trial invalid. Well, Wesley, you still didn’t pay your taxes, so you’re still going to serve that pesky little three year sentence.

Because Snipes failed to file his taxes 1999, 2000 and 2001, he’s sentenced to a year sentence in prison for each of those years, meaning he’s not scheduled for release until 2013. Also of note, Snipes actually had a Florida driver’s license during those three years, so it would seem his claim is pretty bogus. Either way, did he think the trial would go any differently in New York? It would be the “hey, you didn’t pay your taxes, go to jail” story all over again.

Lesson of the day, folks? Pay your taxes, because even celebs have to go to jail (for real; not a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton half-day sentence) when they don’t.

Source: CNN

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