What Is Going on Here? Drake Cooks With Guy Fieri: Internet Implodes

Drake and Guy Fieri

Is this real life? You betcha.

Drake’s official fansite posted this photo to Instagram, sending fans of Drizzy and Flavortown into a tizzy. What wisdom could celebrity chef and New York Times victim Guy Fieri be teaching Jimmy Brooks? Conventional wisdom (and Fieri’s tweets) suggest that Drake was simply cooking with the TV host at a Toronto haunt while Fieri was touring the city for his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. After all, Drake is a native of the the big Tee-oh, so who better to show Fieri around? Representatives from the Food Network have not returned requests for confirmation at the time of publication, but the evidence is pretty stacked.

So what might these titans of Internet have said to one another while things were heating up in the kitchen? We’ve got a few ideas…

Surgeon General Warning: Contains lethal dose of YOLO.  –Michael Arbeiter

I thought Drake only made cakes… 

-Brian Moylan

From that day on, Drake only ate food considered “ULTIMATE.” 

-Matt Patches

Is our food good? You bet your degrASSi! 

-Aly Semigran

This donkey sauce is going to be the best I ever had… HYFR. 

-Sydney Bucksbaum

Do you think this will make Pete Wells jealous? -Kelsea Stahler

What do you think these two are thinking in this photo? Share in the comments!

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]


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