Which Celeb Halloween Costume Is Right For You?

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s the one day you get to dress up as someone entirely different from your normal self. You can be anyone or anything you want to be, which leaves the creative doors pretty wide open. Some prefer to go the scary route with ghosts, vampires, and werewolves (of the non-Twilight realm), while others choose to dress as their idols or favorite Hollywood stars. Being that we are an entertainment site, we thought it would be fun to help you determine just which celebrities are totally “in” this year and the criteria that will help you decide which famous star is the right fit for you. So if you’ve been procrastinating buying a costume up until this point, check out a few of our suggestions below:

If you had an extravagant wedding this year, you should be Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries


This reality couple have made headline history this year with all the speculation of their anticipated nuptials. Seriously, you couldn’t browse the web without running into stories about these two. Their wedding was even made into two part E! Special. So if you’re a newlywed couple, just put that dress and tux back on and head out to the bars! (And here you thought you’d never get a chance to wear those outfits again)

If you stopped a fight this year, you should be Ryan Gosling


As if we needed another reason to love Ryan Gosling, earlier this year he broke up a fight on the streets of New York City, which quickly became a YouTube sensation. Ryan Gosling the actor — and the hero?! Sounds yummy to me! So if you have a ready-made six pack and a wife beater lying around, just add a pair of gym shorts and sunglasses and you’ll be good to go. Take a look at this if you need more inspiration (guys — the ladies will love it!)

If you had a love-child this year, you should be Arnold Schwarzenegger


One of the biggest celebrity scandals of the summer was the split between Arnold and wife Maria Shriver, after news broke out that Arnold had fathered a child with his housekeeper 14 years ago. So if you, yourself, got caught in a similar bind this year, why not portray the former Terminator this Halloween? For this, I would suggest either dressing in a business suit while being accompanied by a maid or you can simply do what Arnold did and wear a T-Shirt to get your point across.

If you had an public meltdown this year, you should be Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen literally unraveled before our very eyes as his career hit rock bottom. After getting fired from Two and a Half Men, Charlie kinda went off his rocker and basically convinced the public that was certifiably insane. During interviews, he coined the phrases like “winning” and referred to himself as a “warlock” or “rock star from mars.” For all intents and purposes, he was on a delusional drug trip and we were all just along for the ride. But crazy or not, this guy has certainly become a household name like never before. For this costume, I would suggest hiring two “goddesses” for the night or — if your bank account won’t allow — then pretty much just wearing anything that says “winning” on it will do the trick (or treat).

If you developed an alter ego this year, you should be Jo Calerone


This year’s Video Music Awards was not hosted by Lady Gaga, but by her alter ego, Jo Calderone. Never breaking character, Gaga portrayed Jo throughout the entire duration of the awards show (supposedly even backstage she remained her male counterpart). Jo originally made an appearance in her “You and I” music video, but he’s gained major television face time since then, so I have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. To transform into Jo, all you need are some dress pants, a dress suit, and some hair gel. You may also want to look into harnessing a convincing Brooklyn accent while you’re at it. I bet if you tweet of pic of your costume to Gaga she’ll love you forever!

If you’re rocking a baby bump this year, you should be Beyonce


Beyonce pretty much stole everyone else’s thunder at the VMAs this year when she announced her pregnancy with a simple gesture: rubbing her stomach. While there’s been much controversy about her disappearing and reappearing baby bump, it’s clear that this singing diva can pretty much rock any look — baby bump or not. This outfit is relatively simple to carry out as well. Just wear the most amazing outfit you have in your closet and hit the town! If your bump isn’t really showing yet, then feel free to use any nearby pillow.

If someone invited you to a dance via YouTube, you should be Mila Kunis or Justin Timberlake


This past summer, YouTube became the go-to place to invite celebrities to the Marine Corps Ball. It originally started out as a cute idea done by one man, but it quickly escalated into a Hollywood sensation. Seriously, I wasn’t sure if the madness was ever going to stop for a while, but it was definitely a unique way to reach out to your favorite movie stars. For this, it would be great to find a sash to wear and write “Marine Corps Ball Attendee” on it or something. People will get the idea — it was literally all over the web.

If you did anything you should be ashamed of this year, you should be Lindsay Lohan


Any bad habit or incident will probably fit the bill with this girl. Whether it’s heading to court, violating probation, arriving late to community service (or just being kicked out entirely), posing nude for magazines, serving time under house arrest, drugs, drinking, shoplifting — the list goes on and on — our Lindsay has certainly gotten herself into a fair amount of trouble over the years, but she makes for one great Halloween costume. It’s simple — the night before Halloween go out and party then proceed to wake up with the biggest hangover in the world. Look in the mirror and there’s your costume. One hot mess coming right up!