Which Lady Gaga Song Should Fans Vote As Next Single?

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Renowned for her unusually strong bond with her fan base, Lady Gaga now appears to be entrusting the campaign for her upcoming third album, ARTPOP, into the hands of her Little Monsters. Indeed, after making headlines with her typically outlandish headline slot at the iTunes Festival at London’s Roundhouse, the pop diva announced on Twitter that she wants her adoring public to choose the follow-up single to “Applause.” Here’s a look at the four options she presented and which one she should hope her followers select. 


Previously titled “Burqa” (hence the outfit), “Aura” begins with an intriguing blend of Ennio Morricone-esque guitars and military beats before a cackle of ha-ha’s make way for a disappointingly generic slab of bombastic dubstep-tinged pop.


Lurching from smoky piano ballad to wailing classic rock to shimmering synth-pop and finally to turbo-charged EDM within the space of just four dizzying minutes, “Swine” is simply way too schizophrenic to be anything other than a bonkers album track.

“Sex Dreams”

The only track, on first listen anyway, which sounds like it can compete with the highs of The Fame Monster and Born This Way. A sultry sensual affair which leaves little to the imagination, “Sex Dreams” sees Gaga join the current ’80s R&B renaissance in style.


An addictive mix of growling rock guitars, spooky synths and stadium handclaps, the refreshingly straight-forward “Manicure” proves once again that Gaga is far more likely to hit the back of the net when she’s not trying so hard.

Verdict: Gaga’s already since tried to tempt fans to vote for “Aura” with its promise of a follow-up video to “Telephone.” But although a radio edit may be needed, “Sex Dreams” currently seems like the most obvious hit.

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