Whitney Houston’s ‘Sparkle’ Coming to Broadway and Bookshelves?

SparkleOver two months before the release of Sparkle, the movie musical starring the late Whitney Houston, interest has been deemed sufficient enough to adapt the story into a book and possibly a play, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sparkle, due in theaters Aug. 17, is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name and inspired by the true story of Motown group the Supremes. Houston plays the mother of a young singer (Jordin Sparks) in the film.

Howard Rosenman, writer/producer of the original Sparkle, reveals that a book deal was struck with Simon & Schuster a month and a half ago. The official novelization of the movie coming very soon — as in Aug. 7.

Additionally — and more excitingly — Rosenman is collaborating with director Joel Schumacher (who wrote the original) and singer R. Kelly (who handled the music on the remake) to add a whopping five more songs to the preexisting numbers from both film versions, with the ultimate goal being a Broadway interpretation of Sparkle. Stay tuned!

[Photo Credit: WENN]


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