Why Do Celebrities Say They Will Retire, Then Keep Working?

Justin BieberGregg DeGuire/Getty

Money, fame, power, happiness — stars give up on all of this way too easily.

Look at Justin Bieber. A confused boy in a grown-up celebrity world proclaims he plans on retiring.

Why? Not enough backward hats, questionable women and spotlights for him? Maybe he perceived his status would eventually nosedive into oblivion. Beating that nosedive to the punch could save him the embarrassment of fading away into celebrity hell, one in which “starring” on Dancing with the Stars is a career revival.

Bieber isn’t the only celebrity who has said he’s stepping down. Remember when Joaquin Phoenix said he was hanging it up? How long did that last?

What about Tim Robbins? Obviously he’s still around.

Jay-Z called it quits. That retirement ended quickly.

Celebrities, musicians and athletes throw that word around way too often. And carelessly. We don’t want to see these stars throw their talent away. If you’re burnt out then just say it.

Don’t play the public and say it’s all done. Michael Jordan retired from the NBA. Twice.

There is something amusing about watching a star’s comeback. But at the same time, their previous retirements are definitely disingenuous.

The Bieb needs to make up his damn mind. He still has fans even though he has grown up to be a punk. Bieber is no longer the cute, high school aged youngster. Bask in the spotlight while you still can. When the fan love is gone, then toss it away.

Besides, there’s no rush to pump out an album. Honestly, how many people do you know clamoring for a new Bieber album? Very few.