17 Will Ferrell Quotes For Every Situation

Will Ferrell has done a lot with his movie career since his days on SNL. Thanks to his filmography, we now have many quotes by him that we use almost daily. But are you limiting yourself when it comes to his arsenal of quotes? Here are 17 quotes you can use for every situation!

1. On a great new friendship:

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2. On being amazing:

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3. On dancing with snakes:


I just love Will Ferrell.Tumblr

4. On moms:

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5. On clothing:

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6. On annoying exes:

SNL Studios/Tumblr

7. On alcohol:

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8. On not being sure about the definition of something:

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9. On feeling testy:

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10. For when people compliment your musical talents:


11. On mall Santas:

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12. For prayer:

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13. On finding a spacious spot:

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14. On himself:


Can somebody … PLEASE give Michelle Obama her own TV series?
Click here to watch the First Lady bring the laughs (and the “Ewwwwws”) with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell on The Tonight Show! SNL Studios/Tumblr

15. On wanting personal space:

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16. When someone can’t read your tattoo:


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17. On when it’s a good time to drink milk:


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