Will Oldham

Born: 12/24/1970


Actor (12)

Revenge of the Mekons 2014 (Movie)


New Jerusalem 2012 (Movie)


Music Makes a City 2010 (Movie)


Pioneer 2010 (Movie)


Wendy and Lucy 2008 (Movie)

Icky (Actor)

Old Joy 2006 (Movie)

Kurt (Actor)

Junebug 2005 (Movie)

Bill Mooney, Scout (Actor)

The Guatemalan Handshake 2005 (Movie)


Radiation 1997 (Movie)


1000 Pieces of Gold 1991 (Movie)

Miles (Actor)

Matewan 1987 (Movie)

Danny (Actor)
Music (5)

This Must Be the Place 2012 (Movie)


Wendy and Lucy 2008 (Movie)


Cry Wolf 2005 (Movie)

("Sea Lion") (Song)

All the Real Girls 2003 (Movie)

("All These Vicious Dogs") (Song Performer)

The Broken Giant 1999 (Movie)



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