Will Smith: ‘It’s Just Awkward’ That The Reporter Tried to Kiss Me — VIDEO


Will SmithWill Smith is accustomed to people “making trouble in his neighborhood,” but the proximity of this most recent kerfuffle kicks things up a few notches. On Friday, the movie star was approached by a reporter, at the Men in Black III Moscow premiere red carpet, who requested a hug and then proceeded to try and kiss Smith — and the actor responded by smacking the man in the face.

On Tuesday night, Smith appeared on The Late Show to discuss the events. Regarding the reporter’s attempt to kiss him, Smith exclaimed, “It’s just awkward, Dave!”

Smith then defended his reaction. “I didn’t ‘beat up’ the guy!” he said. “That’s just his shtick. That’s why his ass got shtuck!”

The big question remains: since Smith already lives in California, where is his scared mom going to send him after this one little fight?

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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