Willard Robertson

Actor, Lawyer
Born: 01/01/1886 in Runnels, Texas, USA


Actor (82)

My Favorite Brunette 1947 (Movie)

Prison Warden (Actor)

The Virginian 1946 (Movie)


To Each His Own 1946 (Movie)


Along Came Jones 1945 (Movie)

Luke Packard (Actor)

No Time For Love 1942 (Movie)


Juke Girl 1941 (Movie)


My Little Chickadee 1939 (Movie)

Uncle John (Actor)

Remember the Night 1939 (Movie)


Jesse James 1938 (Movie)


Kentucky 1937 (Movie)


That Girl From Paris 1935 (Movie)


The Last of the Mohicans 1935 (Movie)


Winterset 1935 (Movie)

Policeman in the Square (Actor)

Black Fury 1934 (Movie)


Doctor X 1931 (Movie)

Detective O'Halloran (Actor)

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 1931 (Movie)

Prison Board Spokesman (Actor)

Air Force (Movie)

Col. (Actor)

Another Language (Movie)

Harry Hallam (Actor)

Background to Danger (Movie)

McNamara (Actor)

Behind the Mask (TV Show)


Brigham Young (Movie)

Heber Kimball (Actor)

Call Her Savage (Movie)

Peter Springer (Actor)

Castle on the Hudson (Movie)

Ragan (Actor)

Central Airport (Movie)

Havana Manager (Actor)

City Streets (Movie)

Detective (Actor)

Dangerous Waters (Movie)

Bill McKeechie (Actor)

Dante's Inferno (Movie)

Inspector Harris (Actor)

Dark Hazard (Movie)

Fallen (Actor)

Death on the Diamond (Movie)

Cato (Actor)

Deep Valley (Movie)

Sheriff Akers (Actor)

Each Dawn I Die (Movie)

Lang (Actor)

Ever in My Heart (Movie)


Fair Warning (Movie)

Tex Calder (Actor)

Frisco Jenny (Movie)

Police Captain (Actor)

Fury at Furnace Creek (Movie)

Gen. Leads (Actor)

Gallant Journey (Movie)

Zachary Montgomery (Actor)

Gambling Lady (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Graft (Movie)

Scudder (Actor)

Guilty As Hell (Movie)

Sgt. Alcock (Actor)

He Was Her Man (Movie)

Police Captain (Actor)

Here Comes the Navy (Movie)

Lieutenant Commander (Actor)

Heritage of the Desert (Movie)

Nebraska (Actor)

Heroes for Sale (Movie)


His Night Out (Movie)

Trent (Actor)

Housewife (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

I Married a Doctor (Movie)

Guy Pollock (Actor)

I Wanted Wings (Movie)

Judge Advocate (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Laddie (Movie)

Mr. Stanton (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Conroy (Actor)

Larceny on the Air (Movie)

McDonald (Actor)

Last of the Duanes (Movie)

Captain of the Rangers (Actor)

Men with Wings (Movie)

Col. Hadley (Actor)

Mills of the Gods (Movie)


Murder in the Private Car (Movie)

Hanks (Actor)

Nine Girls (Movie)

Capt. Brooks (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)

Supt. Harrington (Actor)

Oil for the Lamps of China (Movie)

Speaker (Actor)

Operator 13 (Movie)

Capt. Channing (Actor)

Park Avenue Logger (Movie)

Ben Morton (Actor)

Rider of Death Valley (Movie)

Bill Joyce (Actor)

Roman Scandals (Movie)

Warren F. Cooper (Actor)

Silver Dollar (Movie)


Sitting Pretty (Movie)

Mr. Ashcroft (Actor)

Skippy (Movie)

Dr. Herbert Skinner (Actor)

Straight from the Heart (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

The Last Gangster (Movie)

Broderick (Actor)

The Monster and the Girl (Movie)

Lt. Strickland (Actor)

The Old Homestead (Movie)

Uncle Jed (Actor)

The Ruling Voice (Movie)

Bailey (Actor)

The Secret Bride (Movie)

Sen. Grosvenor (Actor)

The World Changes (Movie)


This is My Affair (Movie)

George Andrews (Actor)

Tom Brown of Culver (Movie)

Capt. White (Actor)

Torchy Gets Her Man (Movie)

$100 Bailey (Actor)

Tugboat Annie (Movie)

Red Severn (Actor)

Virtue (Movie)

MacKenzie (Actor)

Wake Island (Movie)

Col. Cameron (Actor)

Whirlpool (Movie)

Judge Morrison (Actor)

Wild Boys of the Road (Movie)

Captain of Detectives (Actor)

Wild Girl (Movie)

Red Pete (Actor)

You and Me (Movie)

Dayton (Actor)
Writer (1)

Moontide (Movie)

(Book Author)


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