William B. Davidson

Born: 06/16/1888 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (134)

Ports of Call 2016 (Movie)

Randolph Sherman (Actor)

Juke Girl 1941 (Movie)


Larceny, Inc. 1941 (Movie)

McCarthy (Actor)

Over My Dead Body 1941 (Movie)


Sun Valley Serenade 1940 (Movie)

Murray (Actor)

The Lady From Cheyenne 1940 (Movie)


Thieves Fall Out 1940 (Movie)


Naughty But Nice 1939 (Movie)


Seven Sinners 1939 (Movie)

Police Chief (Actor)

Smashing the Money Ring 1939 (Movie)


Cowboy From Brooklyn 1938 (Movie)


Hollywood Hotel 1938 (Movie)


Sergeant Murphy 1938 (Movie)


Blockade 1937 (Movie)

Commandant (Actor)

Easy Living 1936 (Movie)

Mr Hyde (Actor)

Marked Woman 1936 (Movie)


Something to Sing About 1936 (Movie)

Mr. Richards (nightclub owner) (Actor)

Dangerous 1934 (Movie)

Reed Walsh (Actor)

Go Into Your Dance 1934 (Movie)


Imitation of Life 1933 (Movie)

Man Buying Cigar (Actor)

Meet the Baron 1933 (Movie)

Radio Man (Actor)

I'm No Angel 1932 (Movie)


Dishonored 1930 (Movie)


Hell's Angels 1929 (Movie)

Staff Major (Actor)

A Gentleman of Paris 1926 (Movie)


A Night at the Ritz (Movie)

Connolly (Actor)

Adam and Eva (Movie)

Dr. Delamater (Actor)

And the Angels Sing (Movie)

Agent (Actor)

Blackwell's Island (Movie)

Hempel (Actor)

Circumstantial Evidence (Movie)

Chairman (Actor)

Dangerously Yours (Movie)

George Carr (Actor)

Devil Dogs of the Air (Movie)

Adjutant (Actor)

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (Movie)

Peter Premium (Actor)

Dust Be My Destiny (Movie)

Warden (Actor)

Each Dawn I Die (Movie)

Bill Mason (Actor)

Earthworm Tractors (Movie)

Mr. Jackson (Actor)

Ever Since Eve (Movie)

Henderson (Actor)

Fatal Lady (Movie)


Fog over Frisco (Movie)

Joe Hague (Actor)

For the Defense (Movie)

District Attorney Stone (Actor)

Gentleman Jim (Movie)

Donovan (Actor)

Graft (Movie)

M.H. Thomas (Actor)

Granny Get Your Gun (Movie)

Fitzgerald (Actor)

Greenwich Village (Movie)

Dance Director (Actor)

Guilty As Hell (Movie)

Governor (Actor)

Half a Sinner (Movie)

Slick (Actor)

Happy Go Lucky (Movie)

Husband (Actor)

Hearts and Spurs (Movie)

Victor Dufresne (Actor)

Hello, Everybody! (Movie)

Mr. Parker (Actor)

Hers to Hold (Movie)

Al (Actor)

Hired Wife (Movie)

Mumford (Actor)

Hold That Ghost (Movie)

Sidney "Moose" Matson (Actor)

Honeymoon in Bali (Movie)

Store Detective (Actor)

Illegal Traffic (Movie)

Dalton (Actor)

In Caliente (Movie)

Man (Actor)

In Person (Movie)

Director Bill Sumner (Actor)

In Society (Movie)

Butler (Actor)

In This Our Life (Movie)

Jim Purdy (Actor)

In the Navy (Movie)

Capt. Richards (Actor)

Indianapolis Speedway (Movie)

Duncan Martin (Actor)

It Happened in Hollywood (Movie)

Al Howard (Actor)

Keep 'Em Flying (Movie)

McGonigal (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Williams (Actor)

Lillian Russell (Movie)

Grover Cleveland (Actor)

Make Your Own Bed (Movie)


Man Made Monster (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Maryland (Movie)

John Addison (Actor)

Men Are Like That (Movie)

Frank Hyland (Actor)

My Love Came Back (Movie)

Agent (Actor)

My Wild Irish Rose (Movie)

Brewster (Actor)

Nice Girl? (Movie)

Bearded Man (Actor)

No Limit (Movie)

Bldg. Supt. Wilkie (Actor)

Off the Record (Movie)

Scotty (Actor)

Oil for the Lamps of China (Movie)

Swaley (Actor)

On Trial (Movie)

Gray (Actor)

Paradise Isle (Movie)

Hoener (Actor)

Private Detective (Movie)

Inspector (Actor)

Remember the Day (Movie)

Committee Man (Actor)

Road Gang (Movie)

Marsden (Actor)

Sailor's Lady (Movie)

Judge Hinsdale (Actor)

San Francisco Docks (Movie)

District Attorney Craig (Actor)

Saratoga Trunk (Movie)

Mr. Stone (Actor)

Shine On, Harvest Moon (Movie)

Tim Donovan (Actor)

Show Them No Mercy! (Movie)

Chief Haggerty (Actor)

Since You Went Away (Movie)

Taxpayer (Actor)

Sitting Pretty (Movie)

Director (Actor)

Sky Devils (Movie)

The Captain (Actor)

Song of Nevada (Movie)

Worthington (Actor)

Special Agent (Movie)

Young (Actor)

Straight from the Heart (Movie)

Prosecuting Attorney (Actor)

Strange Confession (Movie)

Adjutant (Actor)

Sudden Money (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Sunny (Movie)

1st Officer (Actor)

Tennessee Johnson (Movie)

Vice President Breckenridge (Actor)

That's My Man (Movie)

Monte (Actor)

The Affairs of Cappy Ricks (Movie)

Mr. Bottomley, Sr. (Actor)

The Affairs of Martha (Movie)

Homer Jacell (Actor)

The Animal Kingdom (Movie)

Grace's Husband (Actor)

The Big Noise (Movie)

Welford Andrews (Actor)

The Big Shakedown (Movie)


The Billion Dollar Scandal (Movie)


The Cat Creeps (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

The Circus Clown (Movie)


The Dragon Murder Case (Movie)

Greef (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Eckers (Actor)

The Great Man's Lady (Movie)

Senator Knobs (Actor)

The Hoodlum Saint (Movie)

Annoyed Man (Actor)

The Lady with Red Hair (Movie)

Stock Company Manager (Actor)

The Last Trail (Movie)

Morley (Actor)

The Lost Squadron (Movie)

Lelewer (Actor)

The Magnificent Dope (Movie)

Mr. Reindel (Actor)

The Male Animal (Movie)

Alumnus (Actor)

The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (Movie)

Charlus (Actor)

The Man Who Walked Alone (Movie)


The Menace (Movie)

Utterson, Caroline's House Guest (Actor)

The Most Dangerous Game (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

The Notorious Lone Wolf (Movie)

Inspector Crane (Actor)

The Road Back (Movie)

Bartscher (Actor)

The Secret Bride (Movie)

Sen. McPherson (Actor)

The Silver Horde (Movie)

Thomas Hilliard (Actor)

The Singing Kid (Movie)

Barney Hammond (Actor)

The St. Louis Kid (Movie)

Joe Hunter (Actor)

The Texans (Movie)

Mr. Jessup, Railroad Man (Actor)

The Thirteenth Guest (Movie)

Capt. Brown (Actor)

They Made Me a Criminal (Movie)

Inspector Ennis (Actor)

Three Cheers for the Irish (Movie)

Police Commissioner (Actor)

Tin Pan Alley (Movie)

Hotel Manager (Actor)

Torch Singer (Movie)

Jarrett (Actor)

Weekend in Havana (Movie)

Capt. of Ship (Actor)

Wings of the Navy (Movie)

Brown (Actor)

Woman Trap (Movie)

Watts (Actor)

You and Me (Movie)

N.G. Martin (Actor)

Ziegfeld Follies (Movie)

Judge (Actor)



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