William Bakewell

Born: 05/02/1908 in Hollywood, California, USA


Actor (44)

Do Not Disturb 1959 - 1960 (TV Show)


Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier 1955 (Movie)

Tobias Norton (Actor)

Lucky Me 1954 (Movie)

Motorist (Actor)

The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer 1947 (Movie)


Seven Sinners 1939 (Movie)

Ensign (Actor)

Quality Street 1936 (Movie)


Sea Spoilers 1935 (Movie)


A Woman of Experience 1930 (Movie)


All Quiet on the Western Front 1930 (Movie)

Albert (Actor)

Dance, Fools, Dance 1930 (Movie)


Lady of the Pavements 1929 (Movie)


The Bat Whispers 1929 (Movie)

Brook Bailey (Actor)

The Iron Mask 1928 (Movie)


West Point 1927 (Movie)

"Tex" McNeil (Actor)

Cheaters at Play (Movie)

Maurice Perry (Actor)

Come Fill the Cup (Movie)

Hal Ortman (Actor)

Crimson Romance (Movie)

Adolph (Actor)

Dangerous Holiday (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

Davy Crockett (TV Show)


Exiled to Shanghai (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

Gold Diggers of Broadway (Movie)

Wally (Actor)

Green Eyes (Movie)

Cliff (Actor)

Guilty Hands (Movie)

Tommy Osgood (Actor)

Harold Teen (Movie)

Percival (Actor)

Hotel Imperial (Movie)

Cadet (Actor)

Laddie (Movie)

Robert Pryor (Actor)

Lady Luck (Movie)

Dave Holmes (Actor)

Lucky Devils (Movie)

Slugger Jones (Actor)

Old Ironsides (Movie)

Extra (Actor)

On with the Show (Movie)

Jimmy (Actor)

Paid (Movie)

Carney (Actor)

Politics (Movie)

Benny (Actor)

Romance on the High Seas (Movie)

Travel Agent (Actor)

Submarine Alert (Movie)

Engineer (Actor)

The Capture (Movie)

Tobin (Actor)

The Dawn Express (Movie)

Tom Fielding (Actor)

The Duke of West Point (Movie)

Honor Committee Captain (Actor)

The Fabulous Dorseys (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

The Farmer's Daughter (Movie)

Windor (Actor)

The Party's Over (Movie)

Clay (Actor)

The Spirit of Notre Dame (Movie)

Jim Stewart (Actor)

The Trespasser (Movie)

Bruce Coleman (Actor)

While Paris Sleeps (Movie)

Paul Renoir (Actor)



Film acting debut