William Challee

Born: 04/05/1904 in Illinois, USA


Actor (17)

Moon Child 1973 (Movie)


Five Easy Pieces 1970 (Movie)

Nicholas Dupea (Actor)

Zachariah 1970 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula 1965 (Movie)


The Cincinnati Kid 1965 (Movie)

Old Man (Actor)

Noose For a Gunman 1959 (Movie)


The Plunderers 1959 (Movie)


The Story on Page One 1959 (Movie)

Lemke (Actor)

Twilight For the Gods 1958 (Movie)

Sweeney (Actor)

Raintree County 1957 (Movie)

1st Spectator (Actor)

Man Without a Star 1955 (Movie)


The Glenn Miller Story 1954 (Movie)

Sergeant (Actor)

This Woman Is Dangerous 1952 (Movie)

Ned Shaw (Actor)

Boomerang 1947 (Movie)

Stone (Actor)

Sea of Grass 1947 (Movie)