William Holden

Actor, Army lieutenant
Few Hollywood actors have conveyed spiritual and physical pain with the charismatic authority of William Holden. This scion of a wealthy family in the chemical business first registered in films as a clean-cut, affably ... Read more »
Born: 04/17/1918 in O'Fallon, Illinois, USA


Actor (72)

William Holden: The Golden Boy 1989 - 1990 (TV Show)


S.O.B. 1981 (Movie)

Tim Culley (Actor)

The Earthling 1981 (Movie)

Patrick Foley (Actor)

Ashanti 1979 (Movie)

Jim Sandell (Actor)

Escape to Athena 1979 (Movie)

Prisoner (Actor)

When Time Ran Out 1979 (Movie)

Shelby Gilmore (Actor)

Damien - Omen II 1978 (Movie)

Richard Thorn (Actor)

Fedora 1978 (Movie)

Barry Detweiler (Actor)

Network 1976 (Movie)

Max Schumacher (Actor)

Breezy 1973 (Movie)

Frank Harmon (Actor)

Open Season 1973 (Movie)

Wolkowski (Actor)

The Towering Inferno 1973 (Movie)

Jim Duncan (Actor)

The Revengers 1971 (Movie)

John Benedict (Actor)

Wild Rovers 1970 (Movie)

Ross Bodine (Actor)

The Christmas Tree 1969 (Movie)

Laurent (Actor)

The Wild Bunch 1969 (Movie)

Pike Bishop (Actor)

The Devil's Brigade 1968 (Movie)

Lt Col Robert T Frederick (Actor)

Casino Royale 1967 (Movie)

Ransome (Actor)

Alvarez Kelly 1966 (Movie)

Alvarez Kelly (Actor)

The 7th Dawn 1963 (Movie)

Ferris (Actor)

Paris When It Sizzles 1962 (Movie)

Richard Benson (Actor)

The Counterfeit Traitor 1962 (Movie)

Eric Erickson (Actor)

The Lion 1962 (Movie)

Robert Hayward (Actor)

Satan Never Sleeps 1961 (Movie)

Father O'Banion (Actor)

The World of Suzie Wong 1960 (Movie)

Robert Lomax (Actor)

The Horse Soldiers 1959 (Movie)

Major Kendall (Actor)

The Key 1958 (Movie)

David Ross (Actor)

The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957 (Movie)

Shears (Actor)

Picnic 1956 (Movie)

Hal Carter (Actor)

The Proud and the Profane 1956 (Movie)

Lieutenant Colonel Colin Black (Actor)

Toward the Unknown 1956 (Movie)

Major Lincoln Bond (Actor)

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 1955 (Movie)

Mark Elliott (Actor)

Operation Entertainment 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


The Bob Hope Show (01/09/55) 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


Executive Suite 1954 (Movie)

McDonald Walling (Actor)

Sabrina 1954 (Movie)

David Larrabee (Actor)

Samurai 1954 (Movie)

Narration (Narrator)

The Bridges at Toko-Ri 1954 (Movie)

Lieutenant Harry Brubaker (Actor)

The Country Girl 1954 (Movie)

Bernie Dodd (Actor)

Escape From Fort Bravo 1953 (Movie)

Capt Roper (Actor)

Forever Female 1953 (Movie)

Stanley Krown (Actor)

Stalag 17 1953 (Movie)

Sefton (Actor)

Born Yesterday 1950 (Movie)

Paul Verrall (Actor)

Sunset Boulevard 1950 (Movie)

Joe Gillis (Actor)

Variety Girl 1947 (Movie)


Invisible Stripes 1939 (Movie)


Golden Boy 1938 (Movie)

Joe Bonaparte (Actor)

21 Hours at Munich (TV Show)


Apartment for Peggy (Movie)

Jason Taylor (Actor)

Arizona (Movie)

Peter Muncie (Actor)

Blaze of Noon (Movie)

Colin McDonald (Actor)

Charlie Chan Carries On (Movie)

Patrick Tait (Actor)

Fast Life (Movie)

The Govemor (Actor)

Father Is a Bachelor (Movie)

Johnny Rutledge (Actor)

His Captive Woman (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Holiday (Movie)

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I Wanted Wings (Movie)

Al Ludlow (Actor)

Million Dollar Legs (Movie)

Bit Part (Actor)

Miss Grant Takes Richmond (Movie)

Dick Richmond (Actor)

Numbered Men (Movie)

Warden Lansing (Actor)

Rachel and the Stranger (Movie)

David Harvey (Actor)

Streets of Laredo (Movie)

Jim Dawkins (Actor)

The Blue Knight (TV Show)


The Dark Past (Movie)

Al Walker (Actor)

The Fleet's In (Movie)

Casey Kirby (Actor)

The Girl in the Glass Cage (Movie)


The Moon Is Blue (Movie)

Don Gresham (Actor)

The Trespasser (Movie)

John Merrick, Sr. (Actor)

Three Faces East (Movie)

Sir Winston Chamberlain (Actor)

Three Week-Ends (Movie)

Carter (Actor)

Weary River (Movie)

Warden (Actor)

What a Widow! (Movie)

Mr. Lodge (Actor)
Editor (3)

In a Valley of Violence 2016 (Movie)

(Assistant Editor)

Moonshiners 2015 - 2016 (Tv Show)


Samurai 1954 (Movie)



Few Hollywood actors have conveyed spiritual and physical pain with the charismatic authority of William Holden. This scion of a wealthy family in the chemical business first registered in films as a clean-cut, affably handsome lead in the 1940s and he matured into more rough and tumble roles. Along the way his earnest qualities yielded to cynicism, perhaps most notably for writer-director Billy Wilder in "Sunset Boulevard" (1950) and in his Oscar-winning performance in "Stalag 17" (1953). Over the years, the rigors of life and drink re-sculpted his features into an expressive leather that gave testimony to the ravages of the moral ambiguity that had characterized many of his best roles. This quality may have been most eloquently expressed by his central performance as the desperado cowboy Pike in Sam Peckinpah's violent autumnal Western classic, "The Wild Bunch" (1969).


Mary Beedle


William Beedle

born in 1892

Richard Beedle

born c. 1925

Robert Beedle

born in 1921 died on January 1, 1944

Peter Holden

born on November 17, 1943

Scott Holden

born on May 2, 1946 began career early 70s appeared as a veterinarian in "Breezy" (1973), starring his father

Virginia Holden

daughter of Holden's wife, Brenda Marshall, by her previous marriage to actor Richard Gaines Holden adopted her after marrying Marshall

Brenda Marshall Actor

Married in 1941 divorced in 1970 born in 1917 formerly married to actor Richard Gaines

Stefanie Powers Actor



Pasadena Junior College

Pasadena , California



Starred in "Network"; one of his last notable film roles


TV-movie debut, "21 Hours at Munich"


Debut in a TV miniseries, "The Blue Knight"


Top grossing box office star of the year


Cast in Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard" and George Cukor's "Born Yesterday"


Film acting debut in "Golden Boy"


Debut as extra in "Prison Farm"

Immigrated to Switzerland

Began acting as college student

Served in WWII; returned as lieutenant in Army

Recruited by Paramount talent scout

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From the 1950s on, Holden's interests ranged beyond film to include travel and business. He settled in Switzerland after a lengthy spell in the Far East and spent a great deal of time in Africa, where he was co-owner of the Mount Kenya Safari Club. Following his death in 1981, the William Holden Wildlife Foundation (which operates a Wildlife Education Center on land near Mount Kenya) was founded.