William Irving

Born: 05/17/1893 in Hamburg, , DE


Actor (16)

The Cameraman 1928 (Movie)

A Photographer (Actor)

And So They Were Married (Movie)

A Drunk (Actor)

Coney Island (Movie)

Hughey Cooper (Actor)

Diplomaniacs (Movie)

Schmerzenpuppen (Actor)

Down on the Farm (Movie)

Coleman (Actor)

From Headquarters (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

Hard, Fast and Beautiful (Movie)

Umpire (Actor)

Idiot's Delight (Movie)

Sandro (Actor)

Jealousy (Movie)


Lady by Choice (Movie)


Manhattan Melodrama (Movie)

German Note Holder (Actor)

Pampered Youth (Movie)

George Amberson (Actor)

Red Hair (Movie)

"Demmy" (Actor)

The Mortal Storm (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Tillie and Gus (Movie)

Man in Tall Silk Hat (Actor)

Twin Beds (Movie)

Andrew Larkin (Actor)