Willis Bouchey


Actor (48)

Support Your Local Gunfighter 1971 (Movie)


Dirty Dingus Magee 1970 (Movie)


Support Your Local Sheriff 1969 (Movie)

Thomas Devery (Actor)

The Love God? 1969 (Movie)

Judge Claypool (Actor)

Young Billy Young 1969 (Movie)

Doc Cushman (Actor)

Follow Me, Boys! 1966 (Movie)


Dobie Gillis 1959 - 1963 (TV Show)


Where Love Has Gone 1963 (Movie)

Judge Murphy (Actor)

How the West Was Won 1962 (Movie)

Surgeon (Actor)

A Pocketful of Miracles 1961 (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

Panic in Year Zero 1961 (Movie)

Dr Strong (Actor)

Saintly Sinners 1961 (Movie)


The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1961 (Movie)

Jason Tully (Actor)

Two Rode Together 1961 (Movie)

Mr Wingle (Actor)

Sergeant Rutledge 1960 (Movie)

Major Fosgate (Actor)

The Horse Soldiers 1959 (Movie)

Colonel Phil Secord (Actor)

No Name on the Bullet 1958 (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

The Last Hurrah 1958 (Movie)

Roger Sugrue (Actor)

The Sheepman 1958 (Movie)

Mr Payton (Actor)

Beau James 1957 (Movie)

Arthur Julian (Actor)

Darby's Rangers 1957 (Movie)

Brigadier General Truscott (Actor)

Mister Cory 1957 (Movie)

Mr Vollard (Actor)

The Wings of Eagles 1957 (Movie)

Barton (Actor)

Zero Hour! 1957 (Movie)

RCAF Doctor (Actor)

Forever, Darling 1956 (Movie)

Mr Clinton (Actor)

Johnny Concho 1956 (Movie)

Sheriff Henderson (Actor)

The Garment Jungle 1956 (Movie)

Dave Bronson (Actor)

The Night Runner 1956 (Movie)

Loren Mayes (Actor)

Battle Cry 1955 (Movie)

Mr Forrester (Actor)

Big House, U.S.A. 1955 (Movie)

Robertson Lambert (Actor)

Hell on Frisco Bay 1955 (Movie)

Lieutenant Neville (Actor)

The Long Gray Line 1955 (Movie)

Major Thomas (Actor)

The McConnell Story 1955 (Movie)

Newton Bass (Actor)

The Spoilers 1955 (Movie)

Struve (Actor)

A Star Is Born 1954 (Movie)

Director McBride (Actor)

Drum Beat 1954 (Movie)

General Gilliam (Actor)

Executive Suite 1954 (Movie)

Morgue Official (Actor)

Fireman Save My Child 1954 (Movie)

Mayor (Actor)

Suddenly 1954 (Movie)

Dan Carney (Actor)

The Bridges at Toko-Ri 1954 (Movie)

Captain Evans (Actor)

The Violent Men 1954 (Movie)

Sheriff Kenner (Actor)

Battle of Rogue River 1953 (Movie)


From Here to Eternity 1953 (Movie)

Lieutenant Colonel (Actor)

The Big Heat 1953 (Movie)

Lieutenant Wilkes (Actor)

Don't Bother to Knock 1952 (Movie)


Million Dollar Mermaid 1952 (Movie)


Red Planet Mars 1952 (Movie)


Return of the Gunfighter (TV Show)