Willis Sues ‘Joan’ Producers for Hefty Sum

Don’t mess with Bruce Willis.

The actor has filed a countersuit against the producers of Three Stories About Joan. The film’s producers sued Willis for $4 million in late February alleging breach of contract.

Willis is now accusing Moshe Diamant, Mark Damon and their Foresight Unlimited of fraud and is seeking $8.7 million in damages.

The Joan producers’ suit claimed Willis, in violation of his contract, quit as director of the film without notice. Willis was also to star in the film.

The countersuit alleges the above producers — along with Signature Entertainment Group, Three Stories Productions and 20 other parties — falsely represented they had completed financing for the film when, per Willis, they had failed to deposit the money in escrow when cameras started rolling.

Willis alleges that he had been assured by Diamant that the producers would provide a commitment letter confirming they had obtained $20 million in financing 30 days before the start of the shoot, explains Variety. Further, Willis alleges the producers were to deposit Willis’ acting fee in escrow at least seven days before shooting was to begin.

And, Willis alleges that Diamant admitted, on the eve of the start of production, that the financing was not in place.

Upon news of the Joan producers’ suit, Willis’ publicist told E! Online, “It is nothing more than a ridiculous legal maneuver to deflect attention from the production companies’ substantial liability, since they materially breached their contract with Bruce Willis.”

“After Mr. Willis threatened to sue the production companies, they responded with this baseless lawsuit,” the publicist added at the time. “Mr. Willis now intends to proceed with his multimillion-dollar affirmative claims, and is confident that he will prevail.”

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