Willis turns her back on fame for tasty treats

The 21 year old followed in the footsteps of her Hollywood superstar parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore by launching a career as an actress, and recently starred in her first major Hollywood film as a lead in Sorority Row.

But Willis is adamant she won’t get sucked into the fame game – because she’d rather cook up a storm in the kitchen.

She tells Britain’s Glamour magazine, “I just don’t care about fame. I have better things to do like making pies.

“I love making pies. It all started when I went on a road trip with my boyfriend. We stopped off at this diner and had this strawberry and rhubarb pie, and I thought, ‘This is incredible. I’m going to learn how to make it’. So I did.”

And it seems her cooking is a hit with the A-listers – her mum Moore and stepdad Ashton Kutcher are huge fans of her baked goods.

Willis adds, “My mom likes either pecan pie or German chocolate and I just made a coconut banana cream pie for Ashton. He liked that very much. It was gone in a matter of three days.”